Family Dentistry

At Harborn Dental, we integrate our expertise into your daily oral care.  Part of practicing healthy dental hygiene is making regular visits to the dentist.  Our expert and friendly staff are here to ensure that you receive the highest level of care.

During a routine dental visit, we evaluate your oral health history and screen for any problems or conditions.  You can expect a professional cleaning in order to remove any unseen plaque or cavities.  Your teeth will also be polished to add a cosmetic finish.  Any signs of decay will be examined to ensure your health.

We recommend regular dental visits at least twice a year.  Frequently visiting our office allows us to improve our understanding of your dental needs and create the best experience for you. We will also discuss any oral health issues you may be experiencing or suspect may be affecting you.

A dental visit is an educational experience as well.  We are a resource to help you understand techniques for effective personal dental care.  We can guide you on how to take care of your teeth and ensure you can enjoy a healthy smile for decades.

If you need a hand to help you solve your dental problems, we can help you!  Contact us at 905-275-1300 to schedule your consultation.