Harborn Dental always provides a safe and clean environment. We meet or exceed all guidelines set forth by the CDA, and the Centre for Disease Control.

In these days of concern about the spread of contagious disease, we want you to know that patient protection is top priority in our office. We are doing everything within our capabilities to assure the sterility and safety of our working environment. By following the guidelines, as well as continually reviewing updates on infection control materials and techniques, we are optimizing our ability to achieve this in our office. Our commitment is to provide you, the same standards that we expect and demand for our own families and ourselves.

Between each patient, the treatment rooms are thoroughly wiped with a surface disinfectant. The instruments are put through a system of ultrasonic scrubbing (the same system that a jeweller might use to clean fine jewelry) and then sterilized with a large, pressurized steam oven called an autoclave. The instruments are packaged in such a fashion that ensures they are never touched before actual setup in the treatment room, and when the instruments are touched it is with gloved hands. All of our handpieces (drills) are also thoroughly wiped with the surface disinfectant and then sterilized in a pressured steam oven. All of our prophy angles (cleaning & polishing instrument) are disposable so that you and your family can be assured that you will always have a fresh new one every time you have your teeth cleaned. We use disposable products whenever possible to eliminate cross-infection.

Our autoclave is checked on a monthly basis by independent company for sterilization efficiency. It is certified to be working correctly for patient safety and peace of mind. It not only meet CDA standard but exceeds them.

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