Proven and Advanced Technology

Take a look around our office, and you will see the latest advances in dental technology are utilized at Harborn Dental.  We continually strive to implement proven technology, ensuring we stay on the cutting edge of dentistry.  Digital radiographs cut down on radiation exposure, while computer filters increase our diagnostic abilities.  Our office is paperless, which cuts down on environmental waste while increasing our efficiency in processing insurance claims and in communication with specialists’ offices. Recognizing the importance of health and safety, we utilize a state-of-the-art sterilization center.

Biolaser Waterlase iPlus 2.0, Erbium Chromium YSGG dental laser

Harborn Dental has brought in the latest proven technology, the Biolase Waterlase iPlus 2.0 and EpicX dental lasers.  These lasers allow the doctors at Harborn Dental to offer treatments from fillings, gum surgeries, removal of soft tissue sores, periodontal treatments, gum recontouring, root canals, teeth whitening, and TMJ Dysfunction therapy.  Laser dentistry treatments tend to be more effective, often more comfortable and often with shorter healing times and better treatment outcomes than the traditional methods of providing these procedures.  Biolase Waterlase iPlus 2.0  is an all-tissue dental laser capable of treating cavities, treating periodontal/gum disease, frenectomy to correct “tongue tie” and upper lip tie, treatment of canker and cold sores, removal of oral growths, and many other dental treatments.

Epic X soft tissue dental laser

Biolase EpicX diode laser allows us to offer time-saving and effective Laser Teeth Whitening and Therapeutic Laser TMJ Dysfunction (TMD) Treatment  for those patients where traditional TMD treatments are not enough.’

Digital intraoral scans

At Harborn Dental, fast, easy digital intraoral scans virtually eliminate the need for messy, uncomfortable trays of impression material to be inserted into our patient’s mouths.  The resulting restorations produced utilizing this proven technology have a more precise fit, and enable our labs to return the restorations quicker, meaning that our patients will wear their prototype temporary restoration(s) for a shorter time period than with the traditional method of intraoral dental impressions.  In partnership with our trusted local dental laboratory, we may now offer our patients same-day crowns and veneers with laboratory guarantees. ’

At Harborn Dental, our doctors provide laser dentistry for gentle, stress-free and pain free treatment of cavities without the shrill noise and chatter of the dental drill, and many times without the need for anesthesia.  When anesthesia is not necessary, there is decreased concern for accidental trauma from biting the numb lip, cheek, or tongue following the procedure, and multiple treatment areas may be performed in one visit, meaning fewer return visits.  Contact us for an evaluation to see if gentle laser dentistry is an option for you or your child!’

There is no need to suffer from the pain and embarrassment of cold sores and canker sores!  The doctors at Harborn Dental utilize gentle laser energy for the treatment of painful canker sores (apthous ulcerations) and cold sores (herpes) which may be painful and embarrassing for many. Gentle laser energy directed at the sores create a “laser band aid”, which results in significant reduction in the pain associated, as well as reduction in the healing time.  Contact us at 905-275-1300 today for an evaluation and treatment of your oral ulceration- you need not suffer!

We can remove growths of tissue from the mouth.  When needed, tissues may be removed with the laser and sent to the pathology lab for biopsy.  As with other laser dentistry treatments, the procedure can be done with topical anesthetic rubbed on, and often results in increased comfort when you’re finished and shorter healing times without the need for sutures.